Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

I really like the necklace it’s so cute but there is a reason i’m only giving it 4 stars. Name Necklace it’s supposed to be stainless steal and 14k gold plated but its not it has tarnished after just one week of wearing the necklace. I’m the kind of person who likes to wear a necklace like for weeks without taking it off. so I like to look for a necklace that won’t get tarnished when I saw it was stainless steal and gold plated I was really excited still a pretty cheap price and I do love how it looks. I just got an email they have fixed the problem and are sending me a new one so over all i’d say it’s a good product i just got a bad one.
I do wish the Joy portion was a little less dainty and more visible, i.e., its too tiny of a word. But I do like it and very seldom can I find joy jewelry that is not Christmas jewelry so it is meaningful to me, Joy.
I love the necklace! I only had a slight problem that it broke at the clasp link the first time I wore it but I took it to a jeweler who said it looked like it might have been a bad link that wasn’t tightened and he tightened it for me at no cost and it has been perfect ever since! Cheap Name Necklace Fast service and even an email asking how I liked it afterwards! I wish all sellers on amazon cared this much!!
Okay, but like it’s so cute. I didn’t have high expectations for this necklace, but I was so surprised. As long as you don’t expect something hella expensive feeling then you will love this necklace too. (Don’t get me wrong though it doesn’t feel super cheap.) It feels like jewelry you would buy at forever 21.
She absolutely loved it and had always wanted one of these… Got one in gold and one in silver… Waited a bit to see if they turned green or tarnished… neither has… got the “Kimberly” one, which sold as “Kinkerly”, but I assure you they got the name right. Super fast delivery and follow up. Again, simple little gift she had always wanted and finally has…-0
I purchased this chain in October and have been wearing it daily and it is still holding its color. I do remove it before I shower and do wait until my perfume dries before putting it on so to avoid any discoloration. Name Necklace Rose Gold For the price it’s definitely worth it
Beautiful necklace. My daughter is allergic to most jewelry, but has had no reaction to this one despite wearing it constantly for the last week.
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