Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loved it. Name Necklace It is sized for an adults neck so it hung a little low for her but I was prepared for this. I would say for an adult it hangs just perfectly. It seems the construction on the necklace is good quality. My daughter has warn it for days and days and not broke it (this says something she loves to play with necklaces and breaks most of them within the first day and I have to repair them constantly to the point I have a whole jewelry repair kit handy for her pieces). I was very very happy with this.
The only reason this did not receive a full 5 stars is the fact that she seems to break out in a strange rash when she wears it for more than a day. I know that you should take necklaces off everyday but she love what we call “all the time necklaces” where she can wear them except when bathing. She got a weird rash from this necklace that she has never had before. She has worn the cheapest of cheap necklaces without any irritation (when she was little I bought 50 necklaces for $0.10 each to just replace them when she broke them and those cheap of cheap metal necklaces did not irritate her.) Now we know she can only wear it for a few hours or at special times so we rotate with other necklaces. Cheap Name Necklace Since the rash was on the back of her neck I was thinking of switching the chain out since the name part is so sturdy and well made and see if that helps the problem. In the picture please ignore her messy shirt she had just spilled lunch all over herself before I took the picture. (I need to add the disclaimer that I received this product at a reduced price for my fair and honest feedback and I ave given that, I am in no way or obligation to give a positive review if I do not feel that the product is worthy of that review.)
It was exactly what I expected and great for the price. My daughter loves it!
I like it. Very cute and stylish. A bit smaller than I would’ve liked, but overall it’s a great necklace.
I wear this gold necklace with a sliver necklace at the same time with just the initial “k”. Name Necklace Rose Gold I have not had much problem at all with the two of them twisting together and they are the same length. I think it may be because this is a different type of chain. I also have not had any issues with my hair getting caught in the chain.
Engraved Name Necklace

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