Birthstone Necklace For Mom

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“Imagine” is a word I value very much; as Albert Einstein said – “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Name Necklace For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” I love these “power” words necklaces, particularly this brand. I prefer white metals & stainless steel is such a great alternative to white gold & sterling silver. I am so happy with this word I purchased several others. The cursive is very feminine, sitting right at the collar bones. Any one can read right away when they look at your face. So I can make statements about myself without speaking! Sometimes I like the word to sit asymmetrically on my neckline then it is more eye-catching.
I received the replacement personalized necklace due to the first one having some defects to it. Now the replacement necklace came in the same box like the first one but, it came in a plastic sleeve like thing and it was a lot shiner and had no defects to it. The chain is connected by loops built into the S at beginning of the name so when wearing it the name is crooked on me. It seems the construction of the necklace is good quality. Cheap Name Necklace This necklace is really cute and it fits well but, i just cant get it to not be crooked. for the price i paid what did i expect. All and all i love it!
I love my necklace. It’s really shiny and it’s got a good weight to it. It’s light enough that it doesn’t really feel like it drags around the neck but it’s heavy enough that it doesn’t feel cheaply made. It feels well made but the chain it’s on feels delicate. However, it’s held up well so far. I guess my only real hang up is the clasp is on the opposite side. I think traditionally the clasp goes on the right side, not the left, but that doesn’t really hinder it’s functionality and I plan to wear this pretty much every day.
The chain and script gives the necklace a very delicate look, though it seems quite sturdy. It has an adjustable clasp (different places to hook it to adjust the length), and it stays where you put it making it lay perfectly at the length you need. Very beautiful and elegant. Would buy again.
love it, its cute and stylish, Name Necklace Rose Gold I love the writhing and what it says it means a lot to me and its nice to always have that reminder around my neck, but just be carful, I have gone out a few times with it on backwards, make sure the clasp is on the left side .
Engraved Name Necklace

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