Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

It hasn’t been worn yet but at first sight it looks just like the picture
I love these necklaces. Name Necklace I have them both in the gold and silver. Good quality for the price, prompt delivery and a pretty necklace!
I absolutely love it! It’s so pretty and well made. I can adjust it to be longer or shorter and it’s just a really good quality and a really good price! Thank you!
I got a silver one with my neices name, i never take it off, it doesn’t change color at all!! Love .
It’s a beautiful necklace. My daughter loves it! The delivery was on time and exactly what I was expecting.
WOW I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! I have been wearing this necklace for 5 days now and it has not shown any signs of tarnish or discoloration. The chain fits great, which was my concern before arrival as I do not have the thinnest of necks. The chain is also pretty sturdy. I sleep in my jewelry, I also move around a lot, and so far the necklace shows no lose claps or rings, and the chain has not kinked up or broken. The clasp is big enough for big fingers to hook easily. This necklace goes well all dressed up or just in a pair of jeans with a t-shirt . The charm is an absolutely stunning name plate. Super shiny and smooth on both sides against my skin. Another huge plus, I have had no redness or rash occur while wearing this necklace and I have super sensitive skin.Upon receiving of the necklace, Cheap Name Necklace delivery was fast (early in fact) and the product was packaged very well. The necklace came in a cute gift box (mine was pink) and inside was the necklace, itself being packaged in its own plastic wrap. If you wanted to buy this as a gift for someone, make sure you take it out of the plastic first, and place the necklace nicely in the box to be presented.

Since I am giving this as a gift, I won’t know how well it holds up. It does come with a polishing cloth though which is a nice touch. I’m hoping that means that you can shine it up if it starts to dull. I received a discount on my purchase in exchange for trying the product and leaving an honest review. I will update my review if anything happens to change my opinion.
I was looking for something special for my niece who’s birthday is coming up in October and who is just starting junior high. I wanted a gift for her that is specifically made for her. Her name is Olivia, so you don’t see it everywhere, and I am sure she will be thrilled with her new necklace. When I got the necklace home I looked at it very carefully. There are no defects are blemishes in the necklace I received. The cutting out of the lettering is smooth with no rough edges at all. The chain is an attached chain and is 16″ long with a 2″ extender for a total of 18″ long and closes with a pretty and secure lobster claw clasp. The name pendant plate lays beautifully on the neckline (I tried it on, even though it’s a gift to make sure) and doesn’t flip or turn while wearing it. The color looks exactly like fine sterling silver, however the stainless steel is hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin. Before I found this necklace, I looked in the local mall where they were MUCH more expensive than this necklace at least 3 to 4 times the price. Name Necklace Rose Gold Therefore because of the excellent craftsmanship, fast and secure shipping and the low cost I consider it an excellent value worth every penny of the asking price here. Best of all, I know my niece will love it for her fall birthday and the start of her new school.
Engraved Name Necklace

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