Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

This is literally my favorite piece of costume jewelry. It’s so well made and the price is unbeatable. Name Necklace I toss it on every day. It’s super cute.
Perfect necklace for me since my name is Angel but I love this thing. I wear it regularly and it hasn’t discolored or anything.
I was surprised about how fast it came. I love this necklace so much and have been wanting one for so long. I will most likely be wearing it everyday. I also appreciated the packaging. Very secure and safe. Nothing came damaged.
Accidentally showered with it a few times and it hasn’t tarnished. Going to purchase one for all of my friends.
Cute and beautiful packaging this is my childhood nickname and I’d like to buy this again for a gift.
Wear this necklace every day and it still hasn’t tarnished or anything. Great buy, would recommend to anyone who wants to buy someone a personalized gift.
Honestly thought this would break within a week lol or it would go green.. Buying online is sketchy sometimes. Cheap Name Necklace But no! I love my necklace! I am such a clumsy break everything type of person haha so I absolutely love this and recommend to everyone. Super cute! ❤
Very pretty but know that it does NOT come with a clasp. I purchased one at my local Hobby Lobby and it works great. I wear this necklace all the time now.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, great quality for the price! I wear this everyday and love it!
my girlfriend loves it, hasn’t turned her neck green yet and it’s been about a month that she’s worn it, but of course she takes it off to shower and sleep as one should
Loved my necklace! Hopefully it doesn’t turn colors but I take if off before showering
Perfect length and a lot better quality than you would expect from a $10 necklace.
Absolutely sweet and perfect for a middle school girly gift exchange. Name Necklace Rose Gold It shipped and arrived promptly.
This necklace comes in excellent condition! The silver isn’t tarnished at all, and the chain is a good length, it comes just under the collarbone.
Engraved Name Necklace

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