Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

The necklace is beautiful! Looks elegant and not cheap at all. Name Necklace The font is great and the writing is well done. I haven’t tested it in the shower and I will probably not and I am curious how long it takes to change its appearance. I gave four stars because it has a small scratch on the front of the name.
Love it!! Wear it every day. I am very satisfied with the quality and price! “Hope” is what we all need.
Love it!! Wear it every day. I am very satisfied with the quality and price! “Hope” is what we all need.
It’s perfect for a teenage girl. My daughter loved it and now wants one in her name!!! It also came with a cute little gift box.
The necklace looks exactly like the picture. It’s a little smaller than I expected but its still rather attractive. I’ve been wearing the necklace for two weeks and the chain and pendant still look like new. The clasp is starting to tarnish a little bit though.
I really like this necklace. I wish I could find it in other names as well. Cheap Name Necklace It’s pretty small and dainty. Part of me wants to find one of the giant versions, just for fun. I got this as part of my female Ghostbusters’ costume to be Patty. It worked pretty well, though her necklace with her name is larger.
My girlfriend loves it and can’t stop wearing it. 👸🏾✨ She tagged me in a post on Tumblr that said: “I’d rock a lil gold necklace with my boo’s name on it faithfully” and I reblogged it, replying “BET” It makes me happy every time I see my name on her chest 😍 This was a gag gift but I feel very loved now 💕 Definitely a win
So far I’ve had it for a week and I’ve loved it. Very simple and lightweight. I read a few of the reviews prior and saw that people stated it did not fade or turn green for them so I decided to give it a try! My best friend advised this necklace since I’ve been dying for a name late. For $10 you are not missing out!
I purchased this for my daughter’s 12th birthday. Her name is spelled uniquely so it is very difficult to find products with her name spelled correctly. Needless to say, she was THRILLED to open this necklace with her name on it. Name Necklace Rose Gold She has worn it almost every day. Her little sister wants one too but sadly her name is not available in this necklace. This necklace isn’t just for kids either. It would look great on an adult. It does NOT look like a toy it looks like jewelry.
Engraved Name Necklace

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