Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Special Offer Birthstone Necklace For Mom, Free Shipping To USA.

Such a cute necklace! I’ve had it for a couple weeks and the color hasn’t changed, the quality of it is great! 🙂 Name Necklace I’m really happy with it
The chain of the necklace is really nice too. You have to be careful though because it’s on the thin side. Any rough tugging will more than likely break it. That’s just a word of caution. Besides that I really love it. I feel like this is perfect for girls of any range. I’m an adult yet I still refer to myself as a “princess”.

What’s not to like about an inexpensive (and in my case I received it at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review) necklace that has my name on it…you know in case after a late night of imbibing I somehow forget who I am? It is a great size, not too big, not to small, sits just under the hollow of my neck so I don’t have to add an extender or anything and is a lovely goldish
color…not sure if it will tarnish or stain my skin or what it is made of so I only intend to wear it with tops where it sits on the top rather than on bare skin. I wish I’d remembered to take a picture of it (hopefully amazon will let me add one later) last night when I tried it on. Again, Cheap Name Necklace it’s really cute. I’d initially worried that it might be huge and gaudy, but the name portion of the necklace is less than 2 inches across, quite dainty even. It even came in a lovely red gift box with a bow. Very nice touch if you want to give it as a gift. Don’t worry about what the OUTER box says, because mine said K i m k e r l y instead of K i m b e r l y and I was initially worried the necklace would be misspelled, but it wasn’t. I think this would make a nice gift too.
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a fair and unbiased opinion. I always do my own research on any product that I order, so I have an idea, (like everyone else) as to whether I should waste my money on it. I rely on the reviews of others to help me make those decisions. When I do a review, I make sure that I have tested the product, and then give an honest opinion on it. I will always try to point out both the positive and the negative points on any product, regardless of the discount that I have received.

I received this item at a reduced price in exchange for giving an honest review. Name Necklace Rose Gold I take pride in providing honest reviews because I personally use reviews for most of the items I buy. Please rate this review as helpful if it provided any information that allowed you to make your decision to buy this product or not.
Engraved Name Necklace

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